Honoring Those Who Strive to Be the Change

The Near Northwest Management District is proud to be the organization fueling the revitalization of our community. However, it can't happen without the participation of all District business and property owners.

Many area business owners are refreshing the look of their property by putting up new signs, awnings and repainting. To encourage these efforts we want to recognize our business partners who are helping transform this community as Change Champions.

What is a Change Champion?

Thanks for asking! Change Champions are those who support the Livable Centers Plan by maintained and upgrading their property.

Have you repainted? Added lanscaping or new signage? Do you work with your fellow business owners to keep your property clean? We want to hear about anything you do to be the change in our community!

To be recognized as a Change Campion, just drop Jan Whittington a note nominating your business or neighboring business. All District business and property owners are eligible for consideraation.

Remember a picture is worth a thousand words, so please include a photo with your nomination to Jan at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

What You Get

  • Change Champion sign
  • Photo posted on District website & Facebook page
  • Submission of photo to Leader
  • Award presentation at District Board Meeting
  • Introduction at Business Network Business

Selection Criteria

  • Renovation or refreshment of property
  • New or updated signs
  • Regular maintenance

More Ways to Be the Change

  • Keep your property clean
  • Shop and dine out locally
  • Invest in landscaping for your business or Adopt an Esplanade
  • Replace old signage with new
  • Get involved with Near Northwest - sign-up for our newsletters and come to our quarterly Business Network Breakfast to get to know other business owners and keep up with changes in the area
  • Tell everyone you meet what a great place this is to live and work.


Our Change Champions