HOUSTON, TEXAS, September 30, 2014 – HuntJon, LLC was recognized by the Near Northwest Management District as a "Change Champion" for their Palisades of Inwood at 5800 W Mount Houston, a complex developed for older adults.

"The Palisades of Inwood is a beautiful new development, with 127 apartments and wonderful amenities," District President Wayne Norden noted as he announced the award. "Our study indicated a need for upscale senior housing options. The Palisades was completely leased within 3 months."

"Both I and my manager have long-standing ties to this community, said Marvalette Hunter with HuntJon, LLC. "We believe in the area, and we made a commitment to thoughtful development – to create positive changes in the community. We wanted Palisades to be a true community asset that helps to set new standards and moves us forward."

Wayne Norden, President of the Near Northwest Management District met with Marvalette Hunter to place the "Change Champion" pennant at The Palisades of Inwood. The pennant will remain on display through early December.

"Change Champions" are commercial property owners or businesses that are fueling the transformation of the Near Northwest Area through improvement to their property or building a new development. Given quarterly, The Palisades of Inwood's award was announced at the District's Business Network Breakfast on September 4, 2014.

The Near Northwest Management District's recent Livable Centers Study made a number of recommendations for improving the livability and values of the area. The District has seen a growth in commercial and residential values, and has attracted $100M in new development and redevelopment in the District.

Palisades of Inwood BNB 09 04 14

Left to right: Sheritha Davis, Property Manager, The Palisades of Inwood; Wayne Norden, President, Near Northwest Management District; Marvalette Hunter, President, HuntJon, LLC; Jim Kilpatrick, Board Chair, Near Northwest Management District

Palisades of Inwood CC Q3 2014

Left to right: Marvalette Hunter (HuntJon) and Wayne Norden (NNMD)


About the Change Champion Award
The award is made each quarter by the NNMD. Award winners are recognized at the District's Business Network Breakfast, and are presented a commemorative plaque. The "Change Champion" pennant is displayed on the property throughout that quarter.

About Near Northwest Management District
The State of Texas created the Near Northwest Management District in 2001 to address concerns about public safety and economic development in our area. The District's mission is to promote and coordinate economic growth, creation and beautification of area green spaces and promote and supplement public security within our boundaries. The District is managed by a ten-member Board of Directors, comprised of commercial property owners, tenants and residents within our boundaries.

About HuntJon, LLC
HuntJon, LLC is a privately held real estate development company that specializes in multi-family housing developments utilizing tax credit and bond financing.

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