"If You See Something, Say Something" Campaign

Concerned with suspicious activity in the area? Join the effort the “See Something, Say Something” to help focus law enforcement efforts.


The Near Northwest District is partnering with Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg’s office to encourage all business people and residents to report suspicious activity in the area. “See Something, Say Something” is a national initiative to help law enforcement become aware of problems affecting our community.



Our “See Something, Say Something” initiative has educated community members on the process and importance of reporting suspicious activity. Near Northwest District has prepared a list of phone numbers to use; as always, call 911 in case of emergency. All of your calls are important to keep law enforcement aware of what is happening throughout our area. More detailed information helps officers spot who and where criminals are, and what activities to be on the lookout for.The NNMD Public Safety and Security Group has been trained on what information is helpful to law enforcement officers.

To arrange for an informational class for your group, just call the Near Northwest Management District at 713-895-8021.

Our goal in this initiative is to encourage everyone in our community to watch for and report suspicious activity, day & night! “See Something, Say Something” will make all of us safer.


Kim Ogg

Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg was elected in November 2016 and is committed to supporting and advocating for better opportunities in communities.