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We need continuous citizen involvement and support in our quest to create a sphere of safety for those living and doing business in the Near Northwest Management District. Help us build a strong Public Safety and Security platform by taking our survey below.

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Near Northwest District Project 365 Survey
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If You See Something, Say Something

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Across the nation, we're all part of communities. In cities, on farms, and in the suburbs, we share everyday moments with our neighbors, colleagues, family, and friends. It's easy to take for granted the routine moments in our every day—going to work or school, the grocery store or the gas station. But your every day is different than your neighbor’s—filled with the moments that make it uniquely yours. So if you see something you know shouldn't be there—or someone's behavior that doesn't seem quite right—say something.


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Protect Your Every Day (Video - PSA)
Hospitality (Video - PSA)


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The Near Northwest Management District is a partner of the DHS "If You See Something, Say Something™" campaign. We are dedicated to increasing awareness about public safety in our District and encourage each local citizen to report any and all observed suspicious activity to local law enforcement. FOR EMERGENCY SITUATIONS ALWAYS CALL 911!

Did You See Something?
  1. Describe specifically what you observed, including:

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    • Why it's suspicious

    If there is an emergency, call 9–1–1.

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Public Safety Meetings

Public Safety & Security Committee

Monthly Public Safety & Security meetings are held every 2nd Tuesday, 9 a.m. in the main Board Room of the White Oak Conference Center, 7603 Antoine Drive, Houston, Texas 77088. The District encourages commercial property owners and residents to attend monthly Public Safety and Security Meetings where law enforcement officers, private security personnel and concerned citizens work together to address security in the area.

Crime Stats

The community is safer today than when the District was first created, thanks to innovative partnerships between the Constables, Houston Police Department, Harris County Sheriffs Office and private security forces working together to provide creative crime prevention initiatives. In fact, from 2009 to 2013, Part 1 crime dropped 69%. These results have made our area safer which allowed local neighborhoods and communities to grow economically and competitively to become a vibrant place for businesses and residents alike.

Download the current Harris County Constable Precinct One Crime Stats Report
HPD’s crime data is hosted by Public Engines online at:

Litter Abatement

NNMD De-Litter Campaign

From March through September, the Near Northwest Management District collected over ten tons of trash off of the streets in our community. We were shocked! This is not how our neighborhoods should be treated. The problem with littering in our community has become pervasive, and it is up to us to put our best foot forward to remedy this issue plaguing our neighborhoods. This problem not only effects how other Houstonians view our area of town but also directly affects the value of our properties in Near Northwest. With your help, we can curtail the littering problem that we face.

Download the 2018 Litter Abatement Year-To-Date Report


Clean NNW logo Final Color

IT IS TIME TO CLEAN THE NEST IN NEAR NORTHWEST!!! Let’s show the rest of Houston that we care about our community. The appearance of our community is not only the fault of the people littering. It is all of our faults for not picking up trash that isn’t ours, for ignoring garbage that has been thrown on our sidewalks and in front of our homes and business, and other people’s homes and businesses.

If you have are out walking around in the community and can’t find a trash can, then throw it in your bag, not on the ground. With a little help from all of you, we can help make Near Northwest a better place to live. Stop by the White Oak Conference Center and get a trash bag for your car!

Download and Print a Brochure to give to your neighbors! (English, Spanish)

English Printable Brochure

Spanish Printable Brochure


Graffiti Abatement

Graffiti Removal Program

graffiti abatement before and after

The Near Northwest Management District Graffiti Abatement program is designed to remove unwanted graffiti markings to improve the appearance and security of the District’s commercial and apartment properties. Graffiti lowers property values, reduces ridership on transit systems and encourages other crimes.

Our Graffiti Mobile allows both power-washing of graffiti and color paint matching to cover it. Our crew must obtain a legal waiver from a private property owner or authorized agent before abating graffiti on their property. The Graffiti Abatement program is offered at no charge to the District’s assessment- paying property owners.

If you have graffiti on your property or see graffiti elsewhere that you would like to removed, please contact the District at 713-895-8021 and we’ll make sure it’s addressed.

Click here to download the graffiti remove waiver


The District has an aggressive graffiti removal program and has constantly removed graffiti from public spaces and businesses by request. This effort has resulted in attention to trash removal and elimination of bandit signage.

All this work and the work of the Greater Inwood Partnership (GIP) and the probation program have brightened up the community and the community is responding positively by taking care of their community.

Graffiti Abatement Reports

Download the Latest Graffiti Abatement Report

Public Safety Education Series

Upcoming Classes in 2018

What is an Active Shooter? What if I find myself involved in an Active Shooter situation? What do I do? See this HPD Video and get informed. Want to attend a class?

Harris County Precinct One Constables Active Shooter Class
Scheduled Date: TBA
Scheduled Time: TBA
Duration of Class: TBA
Register Online: TBA 


You're a woman out in the open. You realize you could be abducted. Do you know what to do in a live situation? Can you protect yourself from being taken? Learn how to protect yourself from criminals using life saving defense techniques designed to help women escape an abductor or abuser.

Harris County Precinct One Constables Rape-Aggression-Defense Class (Women Only)
Scheduled Date: NEXT CLASS TBA
Scheduled Time:
6pm - 9pm (see more information here)
Duration of Class:
4 consecutive days
Special Instructions:
The R.A.D. classes are free, but enrollment is limited to ensure the highest level of quality instruction. You must be 14 years of age or older to register for this class. Females under 17 must be accompanied with a female parent or guardian over the age of 17.


Harris County Precinct One Constables Child Passenger Safety Check
Scheduled Date: TBA
Scheduled Time:
8am - 1pm
Duration of Class:
1 day
Location: White Oak Conference Center
                  7603 Antoine Drive, Houston


Harris County Sheriff's Office Doggie Walk Watch Training

You walk your dog everyday using the same paths through your community and in parks and down through trails. Are you aware of your surroundings? Would you notice something out of the ordinary? If so, what would you do? Coming soon, training for dog walkers. If you see something, say something!
Scheduled Date: Early Spring
Scheduled Time:
To Be Determined
Duration of Class:
1 day


References and Downloads

City of Houston Mayor's Anti-Gang Office (Brochure)
City of Houston Department of Neighborhoods (Brochure)
Harris County Sheriff's Office Citizens Police Academy (Brochure)

Human Trafficking (Video and Summary) Provided by Harris County Precinct One Constables
Open Carry ( PDF) Provided by Harris County Sheriff's Office


Consumer Tips and Information

consumer protectionThe Federal Trade Commission's Bureau of Consumer Protection as well as the Better Business Bureau, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and other watchdog agencies were designed to protect American consumers from fraud and theft in the global marketplace. Knowing the right way to expose unfair business practices or violations of the law is the first line of defense in protecting one's identity, community and personal financial information. Information provided on this page will educate local consumers on the latest efforts to make every day transactions with the public safer.

Important Links

Shopping For Airfare - BEWARE OF THE SMALL PRINT!
Limiting Unwanted Calls and Emails
Identity Theft
Going Into Business
Working From Home

Helpful Mobile Apps

Houston 311app

311 City of Houston Help and Info

Use the Houston 311 app to report your issues from a mobile device. The app uses GPS to identify your location and also allows you to snap a photo to add to your service request. Reports are automatically sent to the City's 311 system and routed to city departments for resolution. This app is compatible with all of your devices.

Download The App



mpd icon hires

MPD Connect

Report suspicious activity and other incidents across Metro Transit System directly to Metro Police Department.

Download The App




Public Safety News



Sylvester Turner Talks Public Safety

The Near Northwest Management District is working diligently to insure Public Safety within the boundaries of the District. The City of Houston has taken this issue to task in a Public Safety Summit where law enforcement officials across the City are being called upon to work together to build a… Read More