The Near Northwest Management District Branding Initiative has been developed to:

  • Create interest – logo, window clings, coffee mugs, METRO bus shelter wraps and signage, to include gateway markers at boundaries, major interaction street signs, and way-finding signage, and
  • Support Economic Growth – identify District boundaries, communities within NNMD, and activity hubs

Branding NNMD Sign Location thumb

The Sign Location illustrates the types of signs and their planned placement.

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Download the Sign Location Map (PDF)


The first two gateway markers will be installed during 4Q 2015 at Antoine and Pinemont and at Bingle and Pinemont. Additional Markers at TC Jester and W Tidwell and TC Jester at Victory will be installed in 2Q 2016.

NNMD Gateway Marker Rendering 1

Gateway Marker Rendering



Bayou-Side White Oak Village Hopes To Woo Cyclists, Ninja Warriors, Coffee Shop to Antoine Dr.