The Near Northwest Management District Branding Initiative has been developed to:

  • Create interest – using the District logo, window clings, coffee mugs, METRO bus shelter wraps and signage, to include gateway markers at boundaries, major interaction street signs, and way-finding signage, and
  • Support Economic Growth – by identifying District boundaries, communities within NNMD, and activity hubs

Studies have recommended placement for various types of signage.

Branding NNMD Sign Location thumb


The Sign Location illustrates the types of signs and their planned placement.


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Download the Sign Location Map (PDF)



Mini Murals 

Near Northwest Management District has partnered with Mini Murals and UP Art Studio to bring public works of art to the district.  Read the full story in THE LEADER

Click here for a complete listing of all mini mural sites.


District Gateway Markers Standing Tall

"A vision of the future for a band of neighborhoods in Near Northwest Houston has taken its first step in the form of 16-foot district markers and bus shelter wraps." (Houston Chronicle) See the full story. 

District Gateway Markers


The Near Northwest Management District Logo On Bus Shelters Highlights A New Direction For Area

NNMD is very proud to announce that 19 METRO bus shelters are wrapped! The wrap shows part of the District logo while preserving visibility for persons waiting in the shelters. 

METRO Bus Shelter Antoine at W Little York 2

METRO Bus Shelter Antoine at W Little York