View recent Building Permits issued by the City of Houston and Harris County:

Building Permits Analysis

Investments in new construction and renovations signal market optimism and confidence in the future of an area.  This chart illustrates building permit activity in the Near Northwest District:

  1. Permit values issued for new homes and repairs/renovations (blue columns), and
  2. Permit values issued for commercial property development, construction, repair and renovations (gray columns).

One measure of economic strength is the construction of new housing.  There is a real estate maxim that "retail follows roof tops."  The chart tracks the number of new single-family home construction permits issued, growing from 10 issued in 2016 to 75 issued in 2019.


Graph of Commercial building permits issued for projects within NNMD.


Commercial building permits issued in March for projects within NNMD totaled $15,921,950.   Residential permits totaled $814,839 and include two new single-family home.