Here is a recap of our March 3rd Business Network Breakfast with Chief C. O. Bradford speaking on behalf of Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg.

Watch Chief Bradford’s presentation


Key points from Chief Bradford:

  • The District Attorney’s Office is dedicated to a fair process to obtain justice for the victim, the accused and the community.
    185,087 violent and property crimes were reported in Harris County in 2020.
  • The District Attorney’s Office is understaffed, with 360 Assistant District Attorneys.
  • Regarding the 8,000 persons in jail, 4,500 are for violent crimes
  • The number of defendants on bond who are charged with new crimes has grown from 6,341 in 2015 to 22,591 in 2021. He stated that more repeat offenders should be held in jail and noted that some violent offenders out on bond had murdered citizens.
  • The court system is backlogged, with 136,050 cases pending. The disruptions are due to Hurricane Harvey and the pandemic; more court space, judges and prosecutors are needed.

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Chief C. O. Bradford

From the Near Northwest Management District:

  • The District’s W Little York Pedestrian Improvements new sidewalks on W Little York is moving forward. This is 80% federally funded with the District covering 20% of costs. This project will support the extension of METRO’s bus service this year.
  • The Spring Plant Sale begins on March 26th with a presentation by Heidi Sheesley. 
  • National Night Out returns on October 2nd; contact Walter Funes to reserve your slot.
  • The next Business Network Breakfast will be on June 2, 2022.