NNMD Hosts Constable Alan Rosen at the March BNB

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NNMD President Wayne Norden noted 2020 highlights in the District:

  • Reynolds and Reynolds is expanding – with a new office building
  • Wynhaven Bingle is under construction - a 22-building multifamily property
  • 42 new single family home building permits were issued
  • Marketing campaign started with 3 billboards and with radio spots

Precinct 1 Constable Alan Rosen outlined the many services and special units within the department, in addition to patrol services. These range from handling all mental health and juvenile warrants in Harris County and environmental crime enforcement, to community outreach efforts to connect officers with the general public.

Rosen noted that, generally, crime, especially domestic violence, has risen in 2020. In NNMD, though, crime has dropped significantly since 2015 – burglaries dropped from 73 in 2015 to 12 in 2020.

Illegal dumping in NNMD is less than many other areas, but it is a quality of life and health concern. Rosen’s office has 130 high-quality cameras in operation to catch illegal dumping – most of which is within three to five miles of the violators home. Should you see dumping, call the Precinct 1 hotline at 832-927-1567. Reports can be made anonymously.

Reducing “nuisance” crimes, such as breaking into cars, stealing laptops and bicycles, require citizens to be aware and be part of the solution. Rosen recommended locking vehicles, removing valuable items from vehicles. He also suggested being aware of one’s surroundings when leaving stores and at stoplights. Lighting commercial properties and businesses discourages illegal activity.

Homelessness has increased throughout the area. Constable Rosen discouraged giving cash or food at intersections as this encourages gatherings. This issue needs coordinated leadership to truly address homelessness through a comprehensive approach and the necessary resources. In his experience mental health issues and drug use are major factors leading to homelessness.

What’s coming up in 2021 for the District?

  •  Additional safety measures
  •  National Night Out returns – save the date information here
  • More minimurals and other marketing efforts
  • White Oak Plant Sale is back – save the date and details here
  • Encouraging business growth
  • Sidewalk project and bus shelters on W Little York
  • White Oak Conference Center for social and business events – click here


Watch the full Business Network Breakfast on YouTube.