•  Happy 3rd Demo Anniversary!

    Near Northwest Management District

  • Then...

    Three years ago Oakbrook Apartments had its date with the wrecking ball! When properties fail, they become blighted eyesores and criminals' havens. This property needed to be cleared. The property is now a clean, green park-like setting that adds to the community.

  • Then...Sooo... we had a few talks, made a few friends, and we just kept talking until it finally happened!

  • The Project

  • Demolition Day

  • They showed up with the excavator, said a few final words and then it all went DOWN!!!

  • NOW...

  • What a difference 3 years make!

  • Thanks to:

    The City of Houston, Mayor Sylvester Turner, Councilmember Brenda Stardig, Houston Parks Board, and Volunteers who scattered native wildflower seeds, the former Oakbrook Apartments is now an attractive greenspace!