Community safety is the driving force at Near Northwest Management District.  NNMD has installed surveillance cameras to monitor activities on and around public spaces.

"NNMD's forward-thinking strategy is an asset to our contract with the District.  Our Constables have direct access to the equipment and can use the recordings to aid in any investigation.  This joint effort with the District is an asset to the entire community!" said Captain Hennessy from Harris County Precinct 1 Constables.

This program provides additional resources to our law enforcement and has been instrumental in many investigations around the District.  The added value of the program warrants additional sites to be installed around the District.

"Our force is spread thin along the fourth largest city in the country; we are diligent and with the aid of technology provided by NNMD the video monitoring has assisted our efforts to eradicate crime in our area," said Commander Harlan Harris of the Houston Police North Patrol Station.

NNMD is committed to providing technology and resources that will enhance the success of law enforcement in the Near Northwest Community.

 5747 Antoine side Camera 1  6102 W. Tidwell  Camera 2

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