growing livable centers planHow the District looks and works affects the value of the business, commercial and residential areas, and influences potential investors. The District’s Planning and Urban Design focuses on the visual image and improvements, infrastructure and transportation, and green spaces such as parks, trails and open space. The aim is to upgrade streetscapes, park facilities and mobility in the District.

Attention to the District’s appearance is impacted by a variety of landscape and maintenance initiatives. The District has a strong graffiti abatement program that removes graffiti from businesses and public spaces, improving their appearance District. The District encourages businesses on Antoine Drive to adopt and maintain nearby esplanades. The District plans to expand such efforts to include the enhancement of landscaping on freeway frontages within its boundaries.

The District's Branding Program includes wrapping METRO bus shelters with the Distinct logo, building “gateway markers” around the District’s perimeter, new signage at the District’s office (White Oak Conference Center), adding branded street signs at major intersections and throughout the District. The District also will continue work with property owners, civic groups, and private and public entities to coordinate maintenance of setbacks, rights-of-way and plantings.

Livable Centers Plan White Oak StationTo keep the District moving efficiently, the basic infrastructure systems such as roadways, traffic control, public transportation and utilities must be coordinated. The District will work with city, county, regional and state entities to ensure that the Near Northwest receives the necessary investments in the construction and maintenance of that infrastructure, and will influence project designs to incorporate features that establish and maintain pedestrian, bicycle and motor transportation options in harmony with each other. The District will weave natural resources into the fabric of the community through its innovative work in the establishment of parks, which will link trails and greenways, making it attractive to employees, residents of the District and investors.


Enhance the District's image, infrastructure and amenities.


  • Develop an overall master plan for infrastructure improvements
  • Work closely with all governmental entities to maximize the renewal of area infrastructure and the addition of amenities, such as streets, lighting, parks, hike and bike trails, green space, tree planting, landscaping, signage and streetscaping
  • Continue to develop relationships with property owners, non-profit organizations and public entities and coordinate their efforts to maintain and improve public and private property
  • Work with existing public, private and non-profit entities to insure that the District is included in long and short term planning efforts, including capital improvement plans, street and sidewalk standards and facilities for pedestrians and cyclists
  • Continue to create a District identity, visual continuity and inviting streetscapes through improvements in landscaping, hardscape, street furnishings and visual elements for the commercial and business community
  • Implement programs to improve the quality of life in the District
  • Install, or coordinate with other entities to install, new or improved infrastructure
  • Maximize the level of services provided to the District by governmental entities
  • Improve public transportation and traffic control within the District


  • Continue the existing graffiti abatement program and the removal of unsightly objects and clean-up of areas
  • Develop and implement an overall master plan for parks, green space, planting, landscaping, signage, streetscaping and maintenance of the District and integrate such plans into existing regional, county and city planning
  • Continue to plan and implement a District identity program that includes boundary markers and street level signagefor the District
  • Coordinate and assist efforts to maintain and improve public and private property through cooperative agreements, cleanup programs, property owner associations and other community programs and projects
  • Establish a task force to study and evaluate traffic flow throughout the District, including serving as liaison between TxDOT and members of the business community in connection with the expansion of Highway 290
  • Develop a public arts program to enhance the District
  • Make periodic visits and reports to elected and appointed officials of the city, county and other agencies


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