safety securityThe District has made great strides in security and public safety. Maintaining a safe community is one of the Near Northwest Management District's top priorities. With past challenges mostly due to slow economic development, overbuilding and the subsequent increase in the need for police protection, the Near Northwest Management District has worked tirelessly with the community at large to finally see real positive change in a few short years. There is now a healthy level of renewed interest in areas once deemed too risky to consider for investment.

We are currently experiencing an exciting boom in sales and leasing of District property for industrial warehousing, new retail and commercial construction as well as a rise in the sale of local residential housing, which brings with it the promise of new markets, jobs and increased revenue for the entire District. Though a welcome change, the District continues to assess the needs and potential threats associated with growing business communities. Preparation for change and the use of new strategies to protect these new investments has inspired increased communications between the District, local law enforcement and public stakeholders.

Key Strategies Currently In Place

  1. The District contracts with Harris County Precinct 1 Constables to patrol our 16 square mile area. These Constables work closely with other local law enforcement agencies and property owners to create a secure environment.
  2. The District encourages commercial property owners and residents to engage with our Public Safety Director, Walter Funes 713-895-8021 to partiticpate in networking events and initiatives.
  3. Resources like the City of Houston 311 Hotline, implementation of the Houston Police Department Blue Star Program and Crime Prevention Through Environment Design (CPTED) efforts, all play an integral part in maintaining safety in the District.
  4. Continuing efforts by the Houston Police Department Anti-Gang Division has reduced gang activity and prevented sale of illegal drugs contributed to our success in reducing crime.
  5. Establishing relationships with City officials who understand the challenges has been the lifeblood of these efforts these leaders all have a vested interest in making sure their constituencies receive City services that are needed.

The community is safer today than when the District was first created, thanks to innovative partnerships between the Constables, Houston Police Department, Harris County Sheriffs Office and private security forces working together to provide creative crime prevention initiatives.  The results of specific programs have made our area safer which allowed local neighborhoods and communities to grow economically and competitively to become a vibrant place for businesses and residents alike.


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