Service Plan


Near Northwest Management District (NNMD) is a municipal management district created by the 77th Texas Legislature pursuant to H.B. 1990 (now codified as Chapter 3811, Texas Special District Local Laws Code, the “Act”) to address concerns about public safety and economic decline by promoting and coordinating the economic growth, cultural activities and public welfare of the property within its boundaries. The City of Houston, Texas (the “City”), consented to the creation of NNMD after the Act was passed. NNMD was modeled after other existing management districts in the City that have been successful in addressing the service needs of the commercial property owners within their boundaries, such as the Westchase District and the Greater East End Management District.

The District boundaries include territory contained in the area bounded by T.C. Jester Boulevard on the east, Pinemont Drive on the south, Hollister Drive on the west, and State Highway 249 (Tomball Parkway) on the north as those roads exist on the effective date of the Act. NNMD, as a governmental entity, is a body politic and corporate, and is a political subdivision of the State of Texas, run by a 10-member board of directors that represents commercial property owners, tenants and residents in the near northwest area of Houston (the “Near Northwest Area”). Board meetings are open to the general public.

In 2010, the Board of Directors of the District (the “Board”) approved a Service, Improvement and Assessment Plan (the “Existing Service Plan”) that has served as a guide in developing and administering services and programs for commercial property owners. Programs have been developed and implemented in the following areas:

NNMD now has a firm foundation of real accomplishments. Today, the Near Northwest Area is safer and cleaner than in 2001 when the District first began operations. The District is making real progress in changing the public perception of the Near Northwest Area as rundown, unsafe and unappealing for businesses or as a destination. NNMD looks forward to building on its accomplishments to further serve its constituency and position this area as the next great place to work, live and do business and to increase economic opportunity for area businesses and commercial property owners.

NNMD’s challenge is to stay the course by continuing to identify and serve constituent needs and by promoting economic development and public interest in the Near Northwest Area.
Such challenges and needs include the following:

Continue to make public safety a priority. Encourage the growing partnerships among the law enforcement entities that serve the Near Northwest Area.
Identify and rectify the problems of aging and obsolete infrastructure – streets, drainage and traffic signalization.
Address long-term land use alternatives and offer solutions that benefit landowners and the District as a whole.
Provide up-to-date information that promotes the Near Northwest Area in a positive way with a well-rounded marketing and media program.

This Service Plan builds on the momentum of current revitalization to make the Near Northwest Area a diverse, accessible and viable part of the greater Houston area. It was developed by the Board, who represent a variety of property owners and businesses in the District. NNMD will continue to provide services as initiated and implemented during the Existing Service Plan, will work diligently to expand and develop additional services and will undertake certain projects with widespread benefits that are beyond the ability of individual commercial property owners to provide.

This document is a Fifteen-Year Service, Improvement and Assessment Plan (this “Service Plan”) (anticipated to run from 2010 to 2025) that sets forth the vision of the Near Northwest Management District (the “District”), goals to be achieved, services to be rendered and improvements to be made for the benefit of the commercial property owners within the boundaries of the District. This Service Plan also outlines estimated costs and a proposal for funding of the proposed programs. This Service Plan will succeed the original Five-Year Service, Improvement and Assessment Plan approved by the Board of Directors of the District on June 9, 2005.

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