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The Near Northwest Community Improvement Corporation (NNCIC) coordinates with the Near Northwest Management District to promote economic growth, cultural activities, and the public welfare of the near northwest area of the city of Houston, Texas, by supporting existing programs and/or creating programs that will benefit the near northwest community.

NNCIC was created in 2007 as a Texas non-profit and local government corporation and was granted status as a 501(c)(3) organization by the Internal Revenue Service on October 25, 2007. NNCIC provides support for initiatives set forth by the NNMD and other initiatives deemed of value to the community.

White Oak Demonstration Botanic Garden

The Near Northwest Livable Centers Study (2011) recommended several projects, design, economic development, and infrastructure improvements to provide residents and businesses with more appealing places to interact and gather, to make walking, bicycling and transit more convenient, to preserve the environment and to create a unique community that acts as a catalyst for investment and development.

One major recommendation was to develop a botanic garden as a regional attraction, emphasizing the generous areas of green space in the area – including White Oak Bayou, Vogel Creek, and Cole Creek crossing the District – and leveraging the White Oak Bike Trail.

Since the target area was privately owned, the White Oak Demonstration Botanic Garden project was developed. The primary purpose of the project is to encourage property owners to utilize native and adapted plants that were both unique and more sustainable in their landscaping. These kinds of plantings will beautify the area and provide habitat for butterflies and hummingbirds.

This ambitious and far-reaching project includes:

The White Oak Butterfly and Hummingbird Plant Sale, held each spring, supports the White Oak Butterfly and Hummingbird Garden and the Japanese Serenity Garden projects.

White Oak Demonstration Botanic Garden
Heidi and Wayne pictured in the garden

Under the leadership of Heidi Sheesley, owner of Treesearch Farms, and NNMD Director, the project’s goal is to:

The Demonstration Botanic Garden has so far added understory trees and shrubs to a pine grove (The Grove), and prepared and planted a Butterfly and Hummingbird Garden (pictured below). Next steps include creating a Japanese–style Meditation Garden centered around the unique Inwood Pine, adding walking paths lined with berms and grasses, as well as flowering plants, along the perimeter of the Conference Center, and developing a Demonstration Community Garden. Our long-term goal is to line the former golf cart paths (27 holes) and the White Oak Bike Trail with linear gardens.

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The Grove
The Grove
The Grove began as a stand of pine trees with a ligustrum hedge and wild grasses. Through donations from Forged Products and Treesearch Farms, twelve understory trees – Winged Elm, Paco’s Possumhaw Holly, Mexican Plum and Southern Sugar Maple – were planted in January 2012, creating The Grove.
Japanese Serenity Garden
Japanese Serenity Garden
The Japanese Serenity Garden will be anchored by the gnarled and twisted Inwood Pine. The initial concept drawing included meditative pathways, seating areas, a water feature and Japanese-style garden art.
Learn More about the Japanese Serenity Garden

Keiji Asakura with Asakura Robinson worked with a focus group from our area and created an in-depth garden plan for an authentic Japanese Garden adapted to our Houston climate.

Japanese Garden Concept Design (PDF)

Several trees and plants have been considered, with the goal of using unique and adapted plants. Specimen trees have been contracted for this project, with planting anticipated for 2016. The River Oaks Garden Club, The Garden Club of Houston and individuals have made donations for this project.

Samples of trees being grown for the Japanese Serenity Garden:

White Oak Butterfly Hummingbird Garden
White Oak Butterfly and Hummingbird Garden
Glauser-McNair donated the overall site design, and fundraising began for the Butterfly and Hummingbird Garden component. Ligustrum removal, ground preparation, walkway and bench installation happened in April 2012.

Learn More about the Butterfly & Hummingbird Garden
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