Livable Centers Plan


The Houston-Galveston Area Council (H-GAC) predicts that their thirteen-county region will grow by 3.5 million people by 2035. This growth is expected to overburden the region’s transportation network unless vehicle trips are reduced. H-GAC developed the Livable Centers Study program.

What Are Livable Centers?

Livable Centers are walkable, mixed-use places that provide multi-modal transportation options.
They improve environmental quality.
They promote economic development.
They are safe, convenient, and attractive areas where people can live, work, and play with less reliance on their cars.

The Near Northwest Management District Livable Centers Plan was developed in 2011/2012 through a partnership with H-GAC. The Study gathered community input to develop recommendations for infrastructure improvements and urban design solutions to make the area a more appealing place for people to interact and gather, make walking, bicycling and transit more convenient, preserve the environment and create a unique community that will catalyze investment and development.

The Livable Centers Study Process

The Livable Centers Study defined practical ways to improve the area’s accessibility, increase venues for community activities and generally improve the area through projects like the creation of pedestrian and biking thoroughfares, adding beautification elements, revitalizing vacant shopping centers, improving existing parks and adapting the vacant golf course into a community center and wellness park.

The consultant and design team studied the area to become familiar with existing conditions and the opportunities and challenges. The District formed an Advisory Committee to provide input to the consultant team. Stakeholders meetings presented a preliminary Vision Statement and “Big Ideas” for input and feedback.

Vision Statement

Transform Antoine into a destination intertwined with the waters of White Oak Bayou and Vogel Creek, linked to the heart of Houston by waterside trails and enhanced transit, punctuated by unique parks and community gardens, to be reborn as a walkable, bikable mixed-use corridor anchored by landmark buildings and lively public spaces.

“Big Ideas”

Livable Centers Plan

The plan recommended changes in four focus areas. Read the complete Study here or read the sections below.

Five Bridges at Antoine
Enhance the Five Bridges at Antoine, West Little York and Victory crossing White Oak Bayou and Vogel Creek to celebrate the waterways with a signature look and new trails at water’s edge.
White Oak Gardens
Create White Oak Gardens, a regional destination park, with a location backing up to the White Oak Bayou. This project has the ability to leverage the trail and greenway system while establishing a regional landmark on Antoine that draws visitors from near and far.
Bayou Boulevard at White Oak
Coordinate redevelopment of Bayou Boulevard at White Oak, on property formerly occupied by deteriorated and abandoned multi-family projects and transform DeSoto Street into a linear water channel that connects a proposed park at the White Oak Bayou at the east end with a proposed plaza and water feature visible from Antoine at the west end.
White Oak Station Proposed Redevelopment
Develop White Oak Station, a multi-modal transit hub with a signature express bus service that will eventually accommodate light rail transit on the Burlington Northern line.
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