We're growing, we're building, we're changing and we're near all the Houston hotspots! Growing investment values coupled with a robust development-friendly environment and mid-century modern housing ready for families. Growth and prosperity are inspiring and the Near Northwest is now being touted as a hidden gem whose time has come. The District has diverse housing in attractive, well-kept communities with great green spaces, gardens and parks. Come and grow with us! Grow NEAR!

Build NEAR

visionpicWe're building an attractive warm and inviting community, that works together to create an exciting network of businesses and entrepreneurs that promotes the Near Northwest!


New developments are springing up all over the District with more being planned as revitalization of residential and commercial property increase in numbers and value. Bike trails, community gardens and better shopping are changing for residents and business employees alike.



The Texas State Legislature created the Near Northwest Management District in 2001 to address concerns about public safety and economic decline by promoting and coordinating the economic growth, cultural activities and property within its boundaries. The District works closely with City of Houston and Harris County officials as well as business stakeholders and representatives from local communities to build a strong and safe environment.

visionpic3Live NEAR

One of our area’s primary strengths is our excellent location. Our proximity to all major business centers in the city makes the Near Northwest an excellent location to work, live, do business, play, raise a family and bring the best of daily living close to home.

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