Vision for the Future

Growth and prosperity
in The Near Northwest

We’re growing, we’re building, we’re changing.

Growing investment values coupled with a robust development-friendly environment attracts younger new residents, and the mid-century housing is ready for families. Growth and prosperity are inspiring and the Near Northwest is now being touted as a hidden gem in Houston. The District has diverse green spaces, gardens and parks, and an upcoming 200-acre new park. Come and grow with us!

Build NEAR
Join our vibrant community of businesses and entrepreneurs in the Near Northwest. Together, we’re creating an attractive and welcoming network that fosters growth, and endless opportunities. Be part of something exciting!
New developments are springing up all over the District with more being planned as the revitalization of residential and commercial property increases in numbers and value. New multi-family communities are being planned and built. New commercial complexes and buildings are creating jobs and business values are increasing.
Since inception, we have taken a major step to promote and coordinate economic growth, cultural activities and properties within the boundaries. The District works closely with City of Houston and Harris County officials, business constituents and representatives. By working together, we have created a strong, safe and prosperous environment for the community.
One of our area’s primary strengths is our excellent location. New residents are moving here for new job opportunities & entrepreneurial vision. NNMD is the 6th largest major business centers in the city making the District an excellent location to work, live, play, raise a family and bring the best of daily living close to home.
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