Multifamily Meeting Summary

June 23, 2021


Wayne Norden gave a special thank you to our sponsor SentriForce.  Burke Yates with SentriForce spoke about the different services SentriForce offers and how NNMD supports its constituents by providing surveillance services to local law enforcement as a Public Safety service.

Michelle Carnahan, Liaison Officer for Harris County Public Health, spoke about Harris County’s efforts to distribute COVID-19 vaccines.  Apartment owners and managers may request an on-site vaccine drive on their property.

Fredrick Goodall with Baker Ripley reported on preventing homelessness during COVID and introduced Harris County’s “Emergency Rental Assistance Program” for tenants and landlord assistance.  This program is funded by the County and administered by Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston and BakerRipley.

Asia AlKakie with YMCA International Services continued the discussion by explaining YMCA’s role as Navigators, helping the public receive the rental assistance available to them.

Commander James G. Bryant of HPD North Command spoke about the importance of addressing suspicious activities on their properties and always calling 9-1-1 (See Something, Say Something).  He encouraged all owners to consider all avenues available to them to make their properties a community with reduced crime.

Officer Christopher Engelhardt with Northwest Command also encouraged multifamily housing property owners to explore becoming Blue Star Certified.  Crime prevention is key in making your property a safer environment for your community.

Sergeant Carlos McClerklin with Precinct 1 Constables is the liaison for the Patrol Contract with NNMD.  He explained how they serve the constituents to improve public safety in the Near Northwest  Management District.

Wayne Norden announced:
1. COVID-19 Vaccines Drive at WOCC on June 24, 2021
2. National Night Out at White Oak Bayou Village on Oct. 5, 2021
3. Next Multifamily Housing meeting – September 8, 2021. Keynote Speaker. Sgt. Tracy Hicks
4. Wence Reyes with The Park at Live Oak Apartment won a $10 gift card.

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