Houston Parks Board introduces new mile markers along the White Oak Bayou Greenway enhancing the wayfinding system and trail safety.


The first mile markers will be installed along White Oak Bayou Greenway from downtown to the city limits nearly 17 miles upstream.  The 6-inch circular markers will be mounted into the concrete of the trail surface at every quarter mile interval.

This wayfinding system allows users to navigate the White Oak Bayou and track the distance of their activity along the trail.  In addition, it serves as a reference for any patron to utilize the markers to identify their exact location to provide to emergency personnel.  Houston Police and 911 call centers will be able to identify the access points to dispatch aid in case of an emergency along the trail.

"We want to thank Houston Parks Board for continuing their focus on the White Oak Bayou Bike Trail – the first complete Bayou Greenway and the first with this new signage for users to gauge the distance and to improve the safety for all participants. Daily we see an increase in users along this trail and we appreciate the bicycling, walking and running communities," said Near Northwest Management District President, Wayne Norden.

Visit the interactive White Oak Bayou map to plan your activities and enjoy the great outdoors. 

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