VideoSurveillance The month of March is dedicated to public safety.  Beginning in 1984 "March on Crime" was an initiative created to enhance public awareness and prevention across our area.  Every year since, the City of Houston and law enforcement agencies reach out to the public and equip them with crime prevention strategies.

NNMD is in the forefront of crime prevention initiatives utilizing public safety meetings, crime prevention strategies, public safety education, and now video surveillance for our area.

"NNMD's forward-thinking strategy is an asset to our contract with the District. Our Constables have direct access to the equipment and can review the recordings to aid in any investigation. Our joint effort with the district is an asset to the entire community!" said Captain Hennessy from Harris County Precinct 1 Constable.

NNMD has partnered with SentriForce and installed video monitoring systems in our area. The equipment is backed by 24-hour surveillance and live monitoring; this strategy adds a level of security and adverts crime in our area.

"Our force is spread thin along the fourth largest city in the country; we are diligent and with the aid of technology provided by NNMD the video monitoring will assist our efforts to eradicate crime in our area," said Commander Harlan Harris of the Houston Police North Patrol Station.


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